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Linda E Sale has been an artist for over 40 years and her work has appeared in many exhibitions. Linda explores the light, space and symmetry found in architecture and also the flowing organic forms found in nature and the human figure. Her work often has a spiritual and imaginative dimension.

Her choice of colour can be symbolic rather than representational and her use of gold leaf echoes the spirituality of Icons. She also enjoys experimenting with different media and techniques in order to create a variety textures and to explore a single theme.  Linda has started to produce digital drawings and paintings – working from both observation and imagination. Working digitally has opened up a new world of mark making, texture  and colour. It has encouraged her to explore new themes and further develop those that have been close to her heart from the beginning. She continues to work from life models and enjoys a more expressive, colourful style – the digital images also allow her to explore the possibilities within an image. Linda enjoys a close association with other artists. She is currently a member of Take5 group 5

The creative process...

The process starts with collecting information, by looking, observing closely, thinking and imagining. I record these observations with photographs, notes, small drawings, ideas about the meaning.

I can then develop work from the information I have collected and the ideas I have taken note of. Thinking about the meaning and the story I want to express.

If I am working on one of my structural pieces inspired by sacred spaces, the work is carefully and precisely planned on paper or canvas. Because for this work shapes, proportions, colours are a key factor in expressing the meaning of the image. However once planned the work can still go in unexpected directions!

Works based around figures will usually start from a direct drawing created from observation. I also make notes about the story behind the piece and any particular symbols/colour I want to include. These pieces are then developed in a much more fluid way.


"Linda's work is highly original and thought provoking". .

"Linda has been producing great artwork for many years now. I was so impressed with the work at her current exhibition I had to buy three pieces!!" 

" Linda is a uniquely talented artist whose depictions of both the human figure and the natural world capture and hold the attention of the viewer."