I was delighted to be asked to create images of characters and symbols to illustrate the forthcoming book Dead World: Desecrated Empires created by Joseph Sale, Robert Monaghan, Edward Kennard and Hugo Haub.

Desecrated Empires is the ultimate RPG experience and must-have book for lovers of dark fantasy world-building. Set in the twisted and foreboding universe of Dead World, Desecrated Empires allows you to craft taut and immersive narrative experiences using its unique, strategic rules-system. The “Era of Empires” story-arc, characterised by blood and betrayal, introduces a sophisticated “Competitive Team Play” model that will unleash the full cathartic power of your role-play campaigns. Take control of an adventurer and create your own unique legend, build a campaign as a Dungeon Master using Desecrated Empires’ omnifarious world-building toolkit, or utilise the special mechanics and tactical nuance of Desecrated Empires’ combat to command armies, build empires, form rebellions, lay sieges, and wage cataclysmic wars in a mythical world. https://deadworldrpg.co.uk/


If the swampland creatures mentioned prior to the Octogator have not yet convinced you to avoid this environment at all costs, then there is little hope left for you (or your sanity). These creatures are enough to repel even the hardiest travellers. A hideous amalgam of reptile and kraken, their gnashing jaws and sucking tentacles have made an untimely end to many a foolhardy adventurer. These monstrosities have been known to swarm unwary paddlers traversing barely knee-high water, whipping them down into the boggy muck and engulfing them in a thrashing black tide that may very well be their victim’s final sight. Their bite is agony, their grip is iron, their camouflage is absolute; the Octogator is the reason why the swamps of Dead World are so rarely ever the subject of incursions, heed- less or otherwise.


A 12 foot tall lizardman, with incredible strength. He wields a black maul that is two-handed. He has savage bloodlust, but he is also quite a noble figure, as he freed the slaves of the lizardkin who were put to work in the mines and the armies of an evil necromancer.