Judith Denholm and Liz Gilbey Collecting Friends…

Judith and Liz have been friends for over 13 years. They share a number of things in common. Family, travel, yoga and… artwork by Linda E Sale!

What was the first painting you acquired from Linda E Sale?

Liz - ‘Reclining Man’ – figure drawing - Liz acquired this piece at one of my earliest solo exhibitions. Figure drawing has always been a focus for me – at one time it was almost the only thing I did. I still attend regular sessions and have introduced a digital element by working on my ipad.

Judith – ‘Cat Icon’ -  Judith was attracted to this piece because she likes altar pieces and icons which are also a big influence on my work (Judith really surprised me by reminding me the very first thing she bought from me was one of my hand drawn T-shirts!)

Which piece do your friends/family/visitors like best?

Liz – I find visitors often notice ‘Reclining Man’ – usually commenting on the physique! I then show them the ‘Reclining Lady’ – the pieces are 2 very different styles. One is in a very classic style drawn in pencil/pastel/charcoal – the other is more experimental using collage and gold leaf.

Judith – I have 3 Cat paintings/drawings and they are displayed as a group so people tend to comment on them all. They are interested in the fact they are by the same artist but also by the composition. The cats look out to the distance – what are they thinking?! The 3 pieces are also in very different styles – painting, drawing and stencil/mono print.

As an artist it is always a joy when you find people who respond to your work and can relate to what you are trying to express. Both Judith and Liz particularly enjoy the richness of my paintings – often created by the use of gold – but also the spiritual and contemplative effect.

Thanks to Judith and Liz for their on-going enthusiasm and support of my work and for sharing their thoughts about the work they have collected. Linda E Sale September 2017


On 23 April Red Gallery hosted the third London Art Battle. This unique social art event has been gathering a cult following in Manchester over the last three years. The premise is that 10 artists have 30 minutes to paint, draw and create on a blank A3 canvas in two rounds, the audience are given tokens when they enter and vote on the rounds resulting in an Art Battle Champion – the atmosphere is clubby, yet relaxed and very supportive. It is being touted as the most inclusive arts event ever, ‘art by the people for the people’. The art on the night gets auctioned off in a silent auction with money split between the artist and a local charity. It is an event that has to be attended to really understand the atmosphere – like an open mic night for artists, but more fun.

Sue Kerr: Confessions of an Art Collector…

What was the first painting you acquired from Linda E Sale?

‘Inside the Whale’ – acrylic on board

This painting is the original artwork used for the cover of James Sale’s book of poetry called ‘Inside the Whale’. The poems are about a three month stay in hospital where he experienced revelations and visions as he strove to recover. He also received remarkable demonstrations of care, support and love.

My husband Sandy had also endured a serious illness and we had just returned from Scotland where we had spent a week inside the NHS visiting his mother. Within a few days of returning we attended the launch event of Inside the Whale. After hearing the poetry and James’ story the painting came to life for me. It is the first painting I have looked at that I felt emotionally attached too. It had a special poignancy for us.

(Like many artists I find it hard to put a price on my work. But this painting meant so much to me and reflected the experience I had shared with James I found it easy to value it highly – not necessarily expecting to sell it. Not even sure I wanted to sell it. And then Sue started to talk to me about how much it also meant to her and it felt so satisfying to know that it was being bought by someone who related to it so strongly)

Which is your favourite artwork?

I find it hard to pick one as they all mean different things to me. The commission for Sandy’s 60th birthday is special. Linda seemed to immediately ‘get’ what I had in mind. She said it felt as if I was ‘channelling’ the image to her! She does not usually do commissions but said that this one felt as if it would be ‘natural’.

I love the life drawings because of the fluid lines. In particular the ‘Seated Man’ (charcoal) looks as though he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. I felt drawn to this when Sandy was going through a difficult time with his health and it seemed to reflect how he was feeling. They all have emotional attachments. I buy them because they have meaning.

(This echoes my desire to create work that has meaning that can be felt by others and reflected on and enjoyed or be comforted by)


Which piece do your friends/family/visitors like best?

The piece people are often drawn to is a digital painting that Linda did to celebrate my taking part in the local Business Come Dancing charity event! I love it because it reminds me of a very special experience which I thoroughly enjoyed but everyone else seems drawn to it too. They often remark on the flowing limitless lines, the energy and the movement.

Most of the paintings are hung in our hall way – so everyone who visits gets to see them! They also usually get ALL the stories about why I chose them!


Thanks to Sue Kerr for her on going enthusiasm and support of my work and for sharing her thoughts about the work she has collected. Sue and Sandy Kerr currently own 9 works – including life drawing, acrylic, oils and digital pieces.

Linda E Sale February 2017